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Our Mission

Parklands is a club for all players regardless of their netball aspirations.  Within a safe and inclusive environment, we aim to build coaches and players capacity to progressively develop foundational skills and knowledge of netball for ongoing enjoyment and participation.

Our Goals

All players are provided opportunities to learn foundational movements, skills, and knowledge of court play, to provide the platform for ongoing enjoyment and participation.

  • To value the progression of foundational movement, skills, court play and enjoyment of the game over winning. 

  • To provide competitive pathways for all players.

  • To provide a fun and safe environment for players to connect socially while developing their knowledge and skills of netball through fair competition.

  • To support coaches’ development to ensure ongoing enjoyment in the role.

  • A  sustainable governance structure.

Parklands Netball Club acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woiwurrung people who are the Traditional Owners of the land on which we train and play. We recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Our club celebrates diversity. We value the experience of people of every ethnicity, faith, age, ability, culture, language, gender identity, sex and sexual orientation. We pledge to provide a safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory environment.

latest news

Season 1 2024 begins!

A very warm welcome to all new players and their families. Training and games have commenced, and Parklands has teams competing in both Darebin and Banyule Netball Association competitions. 

This year, Parklands will be using the Stack App for our club and team communications. All members are encouraged to download the app and request to join PARKLANDS NETBALL CLUB (look for our club logo).   

Congratulations to our Season 2 2023 grand final winners.

Three wins from three grand finals! What a fabulous result! 

Congratulations to all players and families. And, a huge THANK YOU to all our volunteer coaches (and their assistants), team managers and supporters. 

  • 13&U Waratahs - Grand Final winners

  • 17&U Banksia - Grand Final winners

  • 18&U Karkalla - Grand Final winners

parklands netball club

Whether you are looking to join a team or you are a current player, team manager or coach, we hope you find everything on this website to answer any questions you may have about our Club.

About Us

Parklands Netball Club is an inclusive club that supports players of all abilities to meet their netball goals and aspirations.  The club trains Friday afternoons (9s, 11s, 13s, 17s 4.30pm-5.30pm and 15s 5.30 - 6.30pm) at Darebin Community Sports Stadium in Reservoir and plays Saturday mornings at:

  • Narrandjeri Stadium within the Darebin International Sports Centre in Thornbury; and 

  • Macleod Netball Stadium in Macleod

The club has teams representing all age groups within both junior and senior competitions. 

We are a club tightly connected to our values of providing an inclusive, player-centered environment that provides growth opportunities for all players in a safe and strength-based environment. 

Our Coaching Structure 

Head Coach - Melissa Arkinstall 

Melissa played netball at state level and has had a 25-year career as an Australian sports scientist that saw her working with national and international athletes from a range of sports including AFL, cricket, cycling, triathlon and netball.

Melissa has also consulted internationally on the development of elite athlete pathways for junior and youth sport. Melissa has recently been appointed as the head coach at Parklands Netball Club and brings experience and expertise in skill development, performance and sports science that will be shared amongst the coaching team for the benefit of all players. 

Coaching Squad 

Parklands Netball club has adult coaches for all teams,  junior coaches in co coaching positions where their training schedules allow  and team managers for all teams.        

Parklands is enormously thankful for the passion and dedication of our volunteer coaches and the club is committed to supporting them in their roles and with their development. 

Team Selection 

Our club supports an open and fair process for the selection of teams across all age levels based on clear criteria that are communicated with all players prior to the season commencing. This provides all players with the opportunity to learn in an environment that meets their developmental needs while maximising their enjoyment from participation in the sport.

Team selections will be based mainly on the following criteria:

  • a player’s chronological age

  • a player’s training age in the sport

  • a player’s skill level as determined by an appointed coach

  • a player’s social connections where possible.

Please read our full team selection policy for further details.

parklands netball club


To ensure the wellbeing of players, team managers and coaches, Parklands aims to provide safe and consistent training sessions for all players during which valuable skills, strategies and knowledge of the game can be taught and refined, and to foster a safe, inclusive and strength-based training environment.

Session training times and Coaches:

Parklands will set the training time and schedule for each squad at the start of each season.

All coaches must hold a current Working with Children Check and the Foundation Coaching Accreditation which gives them access to the Australian Netball Coaching Manual. Parklands also has online coaching platform available to all its coaches.

All coaches must meet the training requirements and conditions as outlined in the Parklands Coaches Position Description and the Parklands Coaches Code of Conduct.

Coaches will be reviewed at the end of each calendar year through feedback from families and team managers.

Hot Weather Policy:

Where the forecast temperature is indicated by the Bureau of Meteorology ( BOM) to be 32C or above by 6pm the night before the training session, training will be cancelled by the Committee and communicated to Team Managers and Coaches who will communicate with players and families.

If the temperature reaches 32C or above during the day of training, families and players will be notified by email and netball connect that training has been cancelled. 

If the temperature is between 28-31 C coaches on the outside courts are directed to modify the session and reduce the intensity of the session and keep players in the shade as much as possible and may decide to include an inside strategy session. Players must be given several drinks and rest breaks throughout the session. 

To ensure there is fairness and equity to all teams, teams will rotate fortnightly through the courts so all teams have outside training.

Player Attendance:

All players, unless injured, ill or away, are expected to attend the weekly netball training session and match.

Players must commit to both training and match play as a member of Parklands.  Attending training only is acceptable only when a new player joins a training squad after the start of a season and is not able to be accommodated into the current season’s team but will join the team in the following season.  

All players are expected to attend all training sessions and matches in a season with a minimum attendance of 90%. This is to ensure consistency of development and fairness to all team members, particularly if a team has players that need to be rostered off each week. Situations that result in a departure from this line of the policy must be proposed to, and approved by, the Parklands Committee. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis and in consultation with impacted player members, coach/es and team managers.

If a player is injured, we encourage them to still attend training if they are able to. Often injured players can still participate in some aspects of the training, and it is also a positive and important way to stay engaged with your team, understand team strategy and ensure a positive return to the team when recovered.

In exceptional circumstances, players may train with a different team if they cannot attend their team’s session. (*This must be negotiated with the coaches and team managers and the Club prior to taking place).

Safety and Training Environment:

All care will be taken to ensure the safety of all players and coaches. Should an injury occur at a training session, the player/ coach will receive first aid as outlined in the Darebin Community Sports Stadium Injury Management Policy. Parents/ carers will be notified of the injury sustained by their child as soon as possible.  If there is an incident at Saturday competition first aid support will be sourced from Narrandjeri Stadium. 

Under no circumstances will players remain in the training area unsupervised during or after training. The Team Manager has contact details for all parents and coaches must wait with any children who have not been collected.

Behaviour Guidance:

Our aim is to provide fun and constructive training sessions for all players. We hope with positive guidance from the Coaches, Team Managers and Parents, that a positive and productive training environment can be provided for everyone. 

When the behaviour of one or a few is consistently impacting the wider team, the team coach will address the behaviour.  If the behaviour continues either the head coach or president (depending on severity) will speak to the players about their behaviour and refer players to the player code of conduct located on our website and be clear about behaviour expectations at training and games.   If the disruptive behaviour continues and there is a need for a second conversation the players family will be included.  If the disruption continues, the issues will be raised with the Parklands Committee where consultation and a decision will be made about players membership at the club. 

Team & Squad requirements:

  • All team players must be registered with Netball Victoria through and Parklands and all fees for the season must be paid for a player to be eligible to play in a team. All players must be registered by game three of each season.  Late registrations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Unregistered players will not be able to take court from game three and may not be placed in a team for that season.

  • Once a player registers for a season, he/she makes a commitment to be reliable and attend all training sessions and games for their team, unless for some unforeseen circumstance, such as sickness, injury or special family function.

  • Choosing to play another sport where it is known that training or game times conflict with netball commitments is not an acceptable reason for absence. Players who are consistently absent from training, will result in a family, player club meeting to understand how the club can support stronger attendance. A player should notify their Team Manager or Team Coach as soon as they become aware that they will be unavailable for a particular training session or a game.

parklands netball club

uniforms and shop

U9 – U17 Junior (Years 3 – 12)

For matches, players are to wear either:

  • the Parklands Netball Club dress; or

  • the Parklands Netball Club T-shirt with black shorts. Please note shorts must have no pockets to be compliant with the DNA uniform regulations.

  • White or dark ankle socks and appropriate sports shoes (preferably netball sneakers/ shoes).

All Players for training and games:

For training, players must wear:

  • appropriate footwear such as sports shoes/ runners/ sneakers or shoes designed for sports activity. School shoes, t-bar shoes or sandals or any other shoe that does not have a grip on the bottom and support the foot and ankle are not acceptable and are dangerous at training. Players will not be able to participate in training without appropriate footwear.

  • ideally appropriate fitness wear (whether that be a school sports uniform or casual active wear). We do not encourage players to wear school uniforms as these are restrictive garments and not designed to enable appropriate physical movement for netball.

  • long hair must be worn tied back and off the face.

  • nails must be cut short or covered as guided by netball expectations. As a guide the nail should not be visible over the fingertip when viewed from the underside.

  • all jewellery must be removed for games.

  • earrings must be taped or removed at training. This is to reduce the risk of ear injuries during training.

Netball Connect Shop:

Please purchase all uniforms via the Netball Connect Shop.

All uniforms can be received at training sessions on Friday nights. 

Please note that no uniforms can be provided until payment has been received. 

Optional items:

Parklands Netball Club has a training hoodie that is available for purchase for all levels, but they are not compulsory to the uniform.



Parklands Netball Club is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all young people participating in our sport.
We actively promote a safe, healthy and supportive environment for our children, young adults and their families.
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Parklands Netball Club is proudly supported by the following wonderful sponsors. 
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We are a volunteer run club who operate through club fees, available community grants, fundraising and the generosity of community sponsors. 

Tax deductible donations can be made to Parklands Netball Club via the Australian Sports Foundation website (link below).

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If you have a specific enquiry, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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If registering, please include the child’s name, date of birth, netball experience, parent’s name and contact details.

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