President: Tom Bentley
Secretary/Public Officer: Margaret Godino/Bonnie Wilson
Treasurer: Jack Russell
Vice Treasurer: Kate James

General Committee Members:
Sharon Shannon, Pip Lambiase, Miranda Rezzani, Ebony Novak, Kate Crosbie, Amelia Barr, Darren

Club Policies

We've set policies and guidelines to make sure our members are safe.

The Hot Weather Policy that Netball Victoria has in place has been adopted by Parklands Netball Club.

Training will be cancelled if at 3.00pm the temperature equals or exceeds 35 deg. on the Bureau of Meteorology website at the Viewbank location. Please check the weather on the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website or download the BOM app onto your phone.

If you're unsure, please walk your child into training to ensure that it is on during the warmer weather.

Parklands Netball Club is affiliated with Netball Victoria and therefore follows their policies and guidelines such as Junior Policy, Risk Management and Member Protection, Codes of behaviour for players, coaches, parents, volunteers, spectators and officials.

Copies of these documents can be obtained from Netball Victoria's website.


We do not have a formal “try out” or “selection” process. This is against our club philosophies for junior sport, as our main aim is the greatest participation from all players of all levels.